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than last time obama, first african-american president elected for the second time! first african-american president >> jon: our guest tonight singer, dancer, actress, new movie is called "parker." >> people tell me i'm sharp, very sharm. people come down here for one reason: money. i don't know what you are into, kidnapping, extortion, robbery but whatever it is, you're gonna get caught. >> take off your clothes. >> what? >> i'm not sure if i'm better off with you alive or dead either way i have to know if you are wearing a wire. >> jon: please welcome jennifer lopez. [cheers and applause] how are you? >> hello! >> jon: welcome. >> thank you. thank you. >> jon: it's nice to see you. >> so do we -- this way, this way? does it matter. >> jon: where you want to look? >> no, i don't know. i feel like this but you're there. >> jon: let me show you what we do. [ laughter ] >> i don't want you to feel ignore. >> jon: i will not feel ignored in anyway. i expect to be ignored by a woman like yourself. >> never that. never that. >> jon: i'm used to this since i was 14. have you ever perfo
. it was just slightly less catchy than last time obama, first african-american president elected for the second time! first african-american president for the new mattress models, but sleep train's huge year end clearance sale ends sunday. get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. don't wait, sleep train's year end clearance sale ends sunday. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> jon: our guest tonight singer, dancer, actress, new movie is called "parker." >> people tell me i'm sharp, very sharm. people come down here for one reason: money. i don't know what you are into, kidnapping, extortion, robbery but whatever it is, you're gonna get caught. >> take off your clothes. >> what? >> i'm not sure if i'm better off with you alive or dead either way i have to know if you are wearing a wire. >> jon: please welcome jennifer lopez.
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was recorded - it wouldn't be the first.during president obama's american cellist yo yo maausee a recorred version because the frigid temperatures made it too difffcult for him to play. i'm ed payne reporting. of the ou thiik r quest3 beeonce lip synched?does it performance? we'll take your alls in our 7 o'clock hour. you can also go to fox-baltimore dot coo and ell ps what you think... sound off phrough aceeook or senddus a tweet.. at foxballimore. comiig up... mmke sure you're gettinggwhat you pay for.three foods that might not cootain whaa's on tte''r watchhng fox p5 morning news.. all local.. all morning. &p((break 4) this cold season, nasal congestion won't slow me down. i made the clear choice. i'm getting claritin clear with claritin-d. nasal congestion keep me away ? not since i made the clear choice. non-drowsy claritin-d. decongestant products on the shelf can take hours to start working. claritin-d starts to work in just 30 minutes. i can't wait hours for a nasal decongestant. that's why i made the clear choice and got claritin-d. it has the best decon
, a nasty word. but the american people chose president obama again because he is speaking to the needs of the majority of people. >> what kind of damage would the republicans do to themselves if they went down the road of obstruction again? i mean, if the 113th starts to shape up like the 112? >> well, they're already less popular than a root canal. slightly more popular than gonorrhea, according to a recent poll. >> so what does that tell the democrats right there? what you just said, they are not with the mainstream right now. >> no they are not. >> how aggressive do the dems have to be? >> i think we have to be perfectly clear. for example, my hope is when they want to do another gimmicky kind of increase in the debt ceiling, just three months, and if a budget doesn't pass, then members of congress can't get any pay, their pay is held up, i think that we ought to ask them, then, to put up all the votes, i mean enough votes to pass the bill, to see if their members, who have pledged not to raise the debt ceiling, who said they wouldn't do it unless there were deep cuts for every doll
supported by the american people and articulated by president obama in his speech yesterday to amount to really nothing if we don't get meaningful filibuster reform in the senate. and, of course, reform, we're being told tonight, is not dead. here is senate minority leader -- majority leader harry reid. >> i've had some positive meetings with senator mcconnell before the recess, during the recess our staffs worked on this. we had another meeting today. and i hope within the next 24 to 36 hours we can get something that we agree on. if not, we're going to move forward on what i think needs to be done. the caucus will support me on that. >> so if you don't get agreement, does that mean you'll move forward with the 51 vote? >> yes. >> reid is willing to move forward with filibuster reform with only 51 votes. an option called poisonous by republicans, which is amazing when you think about it. meaningful filibuster reform would bring back the talking filibuster. if republicans wanted to block a simple up or down vote on a bill, they would have to hold the floor, just like the old days. the
. >> as of today, i think we can finally put this book where it belongs in history. right there. the american people have put the brakes on the conservative train that has run over a lot of people in this country. president obama has laid down a different track for america. the president's inauguration yesterday served as proof of a real movement in this country. we are a society now of tolerance, fairness, and acceptance. the country is not afraid of progressive values, or to say the word, liberal, because most of the country believes in progressive liberal values. a majority of americans believe gay marriage should be legal. most people don't want any cuts whatsoever to social security. even more people want medicare left alone. only 33% want to protect defense spending. on immigration, the majority believes, well, the path for citizenship for undocumented immigrants. on climate change, we weren't even talking about that 20 years ago. nearly half of this country believed the problem is man-made. only 24% say it is not. most americans recognize the shift in our national mind-set. president o
that americans should not quote mystique absolutism for principal. >> president barack obama is saying the only principalled way to make children safe is to make lawful citizens less safe and violent criminals more safe : >> the nra calls it a strong opposition to any new gun regulation. >>> and they will head up a hearing on gun opposition. mike thompson is a gun owner and he said there is room for changes to reduce gun violence and that includes background checks for gun purchases and he will provide stricter penalties as well as all gun trafficking. >>> prime minister benjamin netanyahu thought it was a land slight and he will serve a third term with newly seats lost in parliament. they are suggesting the right wink may be -- wing may be stalled. he wants it as broad as possible and plans to honor that. >>> they are moving forward with a controversial plan to reduce the areas' growing deer population. they say deer no longer fear humans and they are acting aggressively towards pets. starting this weekend, they will start sterilizing female deer and they will be relocating the deer but it is
that could create thousands of jobs for americans who desperately need them. when we come back, is the obama administration the least transparent? history? a new report. mentioned gay marriage, immigration, climate change, but where was the talk about unemployment in president obama's inaugural address? more reaction coming up. ♪ ♪ gerri: democratic apoll gists saying the president gets to the economic agenda, get to it in the state of the union next month. don't hold your breath. the 2,000 word speech from the inauguration, the economy, the number one issue for so many voters, is only mentioned three times. with more on this, todd buckles, former white house economic adviser to president george hw bush. todd, welcome back to the show. was this frustrating for you? >> well, who cares about me, gerri. i care more about -- really -- gerri: i wanted your economic analysis here. >> well, i care more about, and the president should care more about the millions of americans who can't find work. you know, it's funny, a week or so ago, the "new york times" and other publications agas at the snub
. >> bob: you all sitting around the table are out of the mainstream. american people are more with obama on immigration and gay rights. majority of american people -- >> greg: how do i feel about gay rights? what are you talking about? >> dana: let's ask. >> bob: gay rights. gay marriage? you don't need constitutional amendment. >> dana: who talks about gay marriage anymore? name the republican who out front on that? >> bob: they duck on it. >> dana: name one. there isn't. >> bob: i will give you every republican -- >> dana: talk about gay marriage? [ overtalk ] >> greg: i was for gay marriage before obama. >> eric: look at the mainstream media swoon over barack obama. watch. >> reminds me of lincoln in that speech. gettysburg address. second inaugural itself. >> i was moved. to be up there in frozen crowd. >> president went past where i am now, i will wave to the president. >> i can see the president right now in the limo. >> mr. president, mr. president, is the weather good? that's fantasticbe! >> wow! >> that is huge! >> wow! >> yes! >> eric: surprised by that? >> greg: you don't thin
with president barack obama for saying in his speech that americans should not mistake quote absolutism... >> president barack obama is saying the only way to make children safe is to make adults unsafe and violent criminals unsafe. >> reporter: in recommends to the strong opposition, they have more on gun regulations. >>> congressman mike thompson said there is a way to protect the second amendment. all gun buyers should have to pass background checks so they don't get into the hands of the mentally ill and withholding gun clips holding large amounts of ammunition. >>> some city residents are up in arms and the chief is pushing for the pilot program and both are discussing the issue at a community meeting last night. we will bring you more details from the meeting and tell you what people had to say. >>> a housing debate in los gatos is going back to the drawing board. late last night they voted to consider an affordable housing plan. those against the plan said it is unfair to put affordable units in the northern part of town. our neighborhood is not against affordable housing in any
and took issue for president obama for saying in his speech that americans shouldn't mistake absolutism for principallism. >> ] is saying the only principal way to make -- >> the nra inalready pert -- interpreted the remarks as a represents to the strong opposition to any -- as a reaction to the strong opposition. >>> right now, a person living in san francisco can travel to the peninsula or elsewhere in the state to buy a weapon. that purchase will be recorded in that city. but there will be no official record of the gun coming into san francisco. there are other loopholes as well. >>> today, north bay congressman mike thompson will head up a hearing on gun violence prevention. he's a hunter and gun owner and believes the second amendment should be protected. but he says there's room for changes in gun policies to reduce gun violence. he says that requires background checks for all purchases. he supports strictly penalties for people who buy them illegally for them who can't get them as well as -- as well as all gun trafficking. >>> coming up at 7:45, we'll tell you both sides of the d
that was different. let me play it. >> why are so many americans accepting president obama's vision when less than 30 years ago, president reagan was the political icon? the struggle in america is not between republicans and democrats, it's between us, we the people. you either want freedom or you don't. >> us. we the people. want freedom or we don't. how is what president obama's talking about, social justice and equal pay for women and rights for gays and lesbians. how is this not wanting freedom? i don't understand? that's why i called it different. and the fact that 30 years ago, we saw reagan as an icon means 30 years later that we can't say that we think what the president is saying today is just as important as what people felt about ronald reagan 30 years ago? help me with this, jonathan? >> well, i wish i could get into the mind of bill o'riley and figure out which people is he talking about when he says we the people. yes, ronald reagan was an icon 30 years ago. but that was 30 years ago. icons change. times change. the country has changed. and is continuing to change. and so for anyone to
obama for saying in his speech that americans should not quote mistake absolutism for principal. >> president barack obama is saying the only principalled way to make children safe is to make lawful citizens, less safe and violent criminals more safe. >> reporter: the nra interpreted the president's remark to strong opposition to any new fun regulations. >>> he expects it to keep rising but there is no way to track how many guns there are in san francisco. right now a person living in san francisco can travel to the peninsular or elsewhere in the state to buy a weapon. that purchase will be recorded in that city but there will be no official record of that gun coming back into san francisco. there are other several loopholes as well. do san francisco police officers cary weapons and they want to know why members of the community do not. >>> they are expected to report the iphone and "i" pad sales during the 2012 season. here is more on why there is a great deal of concern over today's earnings report. here is janine de la vega. >> reporter: apple will be looking at the report ea
" duringpot obama's inauguration on monday. the "american idol" winner won rave performances and sung it love. not beyonce. she may have lip synced hers but now the marine corps band seeming to be changing its tune. susan mcginnis is in washington with the canned music controversy. good morning, susan. >>> the marine corps band taped all the performances before the event. others feel duped. beyonce took the stage at president obama's inauguration this week and delivered what many called a memorable performance. >> i thought she did an excellent job. she sage really well. she was passionate. i thought it was a moving -- something moving to watch. >> reporter: but now there are reports her singing wasn't what everyone saw. the controversy erupted on tuesday when a spokeswoman for the marine corps band said the singer used a prerecorded voice track instead of singing live. the marines later backed off that statement saying no one in the marine band is in a position to say whether it was live or recorded. sources tell cbs news beyonce did sing and her mike was hot
's watch, you feel it. if you are one of the americans who lack health insurance under president obama's first four years, you feel it. these are statistics for successful people to dismiss. let me just say i think that both republicans and democrats have missed a tremendous opportunity in the messaging on the economy. republicans have just talked about job creators, they talk about entrepreneurs. and they own that space a little bit. the president talks about, you know, having the wealthy pay their fair share and whatnot and ignores the debt in his inaugural speech yesterday. but most americans right now, most american households are neither job seekers nor job creators, they're job holders. and they don't fear losing their job or even replacing a lost job, but what they're saying now which is different than your father or grandfather is that the job is no longer enough. it's that life in america seems to be increasingly unaffordable. people say i have a job, my household has two or three jobs and we still can't make it. i think the republicans should take the opportunity to explain t
>> on the anniversary of the worst attack in american history, september 11, we didn't have the department of defense forces available for seven hours. two brave americans died in the last hour. >> with fox pressed mr. obama on this in november, he penaled to release any information relevant to investigation. >> i will put forward every bit of information we have. i can tell you that immediately upon finding out, that our folks were in danger, that my orders to my national security team were do whatever we need to do to make sure they are safe. >> today, clinton revealed some details about what happened that night. >> i participated in a secure video conference, of senior officials from the intelligence community. the white house and d.o.d. we were going over every possible option, reviewing all that was available to us. any actions we could take. >> though clinton did not specify if the president participated in that secure video conference. focusing instead on the fact that she was in constant contact with the national security advisor tom donelan and others. >> i spoke with president obama later i
to the polls as african-americans, we are going to vote for barack obama as the better of the two candidates. but our responsibility than be caught -- then begins on the day after inauguration to push the president the way we want him to be pushed. a lot of people are going to push him in other directions with the tea party and -- so i think that efforts like the occupy movement are very important in terms of -- barack obama would understand, as a former career organizer, you do not get noticed, especially if you're poor and disadvantaged, unless you do something to bring attention to the issues that are important. tavis: i agree with everything you said except for one. when dr. king did pushed the wrong button for lyndon johnson, you heard the tapes. you are doing the work on the papers project. johnson had some nasty things to say about martin king on those tapes. once johnson pushed those bonds, other black leaders came out publicly against martin. even if martin tried mightily not to take a public stance, at some point he would have felt compelled to do so. once he had done so, were he s
president obama's speech yesterday. no longer does the president seek to portray himself as a moderate. he is thought an out-of-the closet liberal. that's no surprise. every american should have realized the president's left wing ideology long before the address. the problem we have in america is not, is not president obama. the problem is us. we, the people. have to decide whether we want to market based economy or a allow the federal government to control commerce including healthcare. the president believes in equality. that would be nice. equality is great. if there is a heaven, i assume we will see it there. on earth, equality is impossible. you cannot equate an american who holds a ph.d. with a high school dropout. no matter what president obama tells us the two will never be equal in the market place. therefore, the president seems to want to change the marketplace, putting the federal government in charge of who gets what. even in the private sector. now, yesterday, he confidently stated that his so-called progressive view will bring the nation prosperity. but it has not and it wil
the credit. i also think the big question for 2016 is who can carry -- who can make the obama coalition the democratic coalition. and if you look at those numbers, the washington post poll, she's high favorability among african-americans, among women, among hispanics, and lower educated voetders. >> do you think she will run the way the george w. bush's father did after a third term fn reagan? >> no. >> her ego -- >> right. but in terms of -- i think that's right. but in terms of the attachment and the enthusiasm of the base of the democratic voters, she has that. >> we're going to jump on it. i think she historically is to the left of jackson, somewhere around humphrey. right in the middle of the democratic party historically. she said we're the indispensable country. none of this pulling back, come home america. >> yes. tough, but one other point. you know what she did? she did concede we made mistax but she also when tested by ron johnson most notably, she did not back down. the liberal base of the party didn't want hillary clinton to go and concede everything on benghazi because the
, but it does require us to act in our time. >> millions of americans, of course, watched president obama lay out his vision for the country yesterday. keeping them honest, though, even as he spoke, another big washington power player was gearing up to advance its agenda. not lawmakers, judges or journalists. gearing up for battle to block bill os are change them usurp loop holes or widen them. you might like some of what they're doing but chances are you won't be pleased about this. a congresswoman who just got re-elected but is leaving already taking what she learned in congress to get paid big dollars, leaving the people who elected her, basically high and dry. drew griffin is keeping them honest. >> reporter: she may be the perfect example of what washington critics call the revolving door syndrome. congresswoman in drew griffin with cnn. which could explain why all we got from congresswoman joann emerson was the slam-door treatment. the southeast missouri republican is quitting congress. not because she lost. in fact, she just won her last election to her tenth term by a landslide. she's
, libya, on september 11th last year. that attack, of course, left four americans dead, including the u.s. ambassador to libya. at one point the issue brought her almost to tears. >> i stood next to president obama as the marines carried those flag draped caskets off the plane at andrews. i put my arms around the mothers and fathers, the sisters and brothers, the sons and daughters, and the wives left alone to raise their children. >> republican lawmakers have been fiercely critical, of course, of the obama administration's response to the attack in benghazi. then secretary clinton got a little fired up during some of the testimony. >> do you disagree with me that a simple phone call to those evacuees to determine what happened wouldn't have ascertained immediately that there was no protests? i mean, that was -- that was a piece of information that could have been easily, easily obtained. >> well, but senator -- >> within hours if not days. >> senator, i -- you know, when you're in these positions, the last thing you want to do is interfere with any other process going on. >> i realize
in benghazi, libya that killed four people. she also responded to criticism that the obama administration misled the public about who carried out the attack. >> the fact is, we had four dead americans! >> i understand. >> was it because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk some night who decided they would go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make?! >> reporter: but some lawmakers were not satisfied with clinton's testimony. >> all these warnings, all these things -- we didn't have a single department of defense asset apparently available to come to the rescue. the american people and the families of these four brave americans still have not gotten the answers that they deserve. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton was supposed to be here on capitol hill last month but postponed her testimony after suffering a concussion and developing a blood clot near her brain. clinton testified that the fbi has some promising leads into who carried out the attack. >> what they are trying to determine is how best to res
the obama doctrine. put simply, it's to continue the american revolution well into the 21st century. defined economic equality for women, full equality all out for gay people. and full political and financial opportunity for people of color. everything about yesterday screamed with this manifesto from the makeup of the crowd to the people in the inaugural platform to the entertainment to the words of the address to the jaunty walks along pennsylvania avenue by barack and michelle and the wild and woolly greetings of vice president joe biden. we're all part of this. they were shouting we're in this together and we're going to act together and we're going to try to open dialogue with those who would be our enemies abroad. we're not looking for another war this time and under this president we're looking for a way to avoid one. because these wars as we've all learned the hard way are a lot easier to start than to finish. let's start with this astounding presidential embrace of the ongoing american revolution from lexington and concord to seneca falls, selma, and stonewall. sam stein covers poli
mcconnell. this is 10 minutes. >> mr. president, today with the second inauguration of president obama,r eve there is prominenceh prosperity for every american. like martin luther king junior, whose birth that we also celebrated yesterday. stepn even when you don't see the whole staircase, we have faith that the members of the 113tho congress will realize the promise of prosperity. ill be chd not by our divisions but by renewed cooperation and compromise. i urge every woman and man fortunate enough serve in this chamber to remember it is possible to hold fast to your principles while making compromises necessary to move our country forward. democrats will hold fast to the guiding principle that a strong middle class and an opportunity for every american to enter the middle class is the key to this nation's success. democrats will stand strong. strong with a standard of balance and will remain resolute in pursuit of fairness for all americans regardless of where they were born, regardless of their religion or their sexual orientation. those principles will direct our course as we introduce ou
on the consulate in benghazi. congressional republicans have accused the obama administration of ignoring signs of deteriorating security in libya. four americans were killed including u.s. ambassador chris stevens from the bay area. we will have more in a live report next half hour. >> secretary of state, hillary clinton has paid east debt finally from the 2008 presidential rain. she made the final payment of $73,000 to a political advisor on december 31, the last of the campaign debt of $12 million. since she faced fundraising restrictions as secretary of state her husband, former president bill clinton, did a lost fundraising for her. >> good news and bad news for football fans who want tickets to see the super bowl in the big easy. the good news? ticket prices are cheaper than a year ago this time. the bad news? you will need a second mortgage to buy them. cornell? >> will. 49er stayed taking shape behind me and some fans, will, they are taking to desperate measures to get their way to the super bowl in new orleans. it is possible that it will cost you big time. this week, 49 season ticket
americans dead in algeria. you just heard from nic. this is the response from president obama. one paper statement, one paragraph. he put it out the night the hostage crisis ended, that was a saturday night. now he has had a lot going on this weekend, for sure. there was the inauguration. there was the speech. there were the balls. and there were a lot of people to see from beyonce to alicia keys. but take a look at the response from our closest ally. british prime minister david cameron postponed a major speech to deal with the crisis and talked to television and parliament three times. >> it appears to have been a large well-coordinated and heavily armed assault and it is probable it had been preplanned. >> the world needs to come together to deal with this threat in north africa. >> this attack underlines the threat that terrorist groups pose to the countries and the peoples of that region, and to our citizens, our companies and our interests, too. >> britain, like the united states, lost three citizens in the crisis. democratic senator chris kunz of delaware joins me tonight. sir, th
to settle for instead? obama wants to turn the idea of absolutism into a dirty word. just another word for extremism. he wants you, all of you and americans throughout all of this country to accept the idea of principles as he sees fit. it is a way of redefining words so that common sense is turned upside down, and that nobody knows the difference. think about it for just a minute. as families, when we're broke, and all of our credit cards are maxed out, we're all forced to tighten our belts. but when government is broke, and our bond rating is tumbling, and the president wants more programs, borrowing more money is supposed to be principle. and anybody who questions that is a no-good absolutist, obama code for extremist. we as gun owners face that same kind of false ultimatum. we're told that to stop insane killers, we must accept less freedom. less than the criminal class, and the political elites. less than they keep for themselves. we're told that limits on magazine capacity or bans on 100-year-old firearm technology, bans that only will affect lawful people will somehow make us sa
was when two of the individuals, the americans, died. i could fly from here to london in seven hours or so. we couldn't get military assets there to protect americans who are under siege? so there's questions about what president obama was doing at the time during those long seven hours, and there's questions about why we didn't have military personnel there to protect our people who are in dire straits. >> congressman, the military is prepositioned in studegar, not even close. they say because it would be worse for us diplomatically to have a big footprint there. do you reject that? do you think we should have forward basing and do you think we should have marines at these outposts? >> again, we still don't know what went on prior to september 11th in terms of the requests that were made and especially how they were acted upon. three individuals, at least, have been put on administrative leave because of mistakes that were made, but how high up did it go? i'm shocked, frankly, that in an era where we want transparency, that secretary clinton herself was not interviewed by thomas pickering
obama, vice president bite and in countless americans urging congressional leaders to adapt without delay. i'm also like to require presidents called to confirm todd jones has direct. the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives. this is a critical justice department component without a confirmed later for six years and to eliminate misguided restrictions that inquiry the atf to allow the importation of dangerous weapons simply because of their age. some have said that these changes will require tough for by members of congress. as you all know, public service is never easy and there come times when those of us who are elected or appointed positions must put the interests of those who research, who we are privileged to serve about five which might be expedient or professionally safe. this is one of those times. by acting within existing authorities to improve our enforcement capacity for the authority in the books, by enacting commonsense legislation to strengthen our ability to stop guns for buying into the wrong hands and the proliferation of military style weapons and hi
and michael beschloss. >> i think par of what obama has to do in history is one line in the chart is the decline in household income. median household income. it's been falling for 12 years, the american dream a phrase going into the 1930's is in genuine peril, i'm not being yogi bear saying we're at the fork in the road and we should take the fork. it's a fact and the opportunity is going away. there may be a good business cycle coming but we know the long term trend here is heading in the wrong direction. >> rose: james taylor and presidentialis historians and journalists when we continue. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: james taylor's one of the most recognized voices in american music. the five-time grammy award winner sold close to 100 million albums. he's equally celebrated for his guitar playing, his lyrics and his distinct baritone voice. in 2011 taylor was awarded national medal of arts from the whitehouse and highest arne for artistic achievement. yesterday he performed president obama's seco
question, when asked whether president obama should have ordered troops to benghazi to help the americans at the consulate, 65% of americans said yes. what do you say to those folks who think that should have been the case? >> well, first this has been the most transparent investigation in modern times. the secretary has made all of the information available. she said herself that perhaps one of the things they would do differently, they wouldn't make as much information available as soon as they did and there wouldn't be the confusion. but the accountability review board, their report is out there. almost all of it is available to the public. they came to the conclusion that we could not have had department of defense response in time. that the responsibility for security has to rest on the ground. and there just wasn't enough. jon: but they also said there were systemic failures going to the highest levels of the state department? >> yes. well, they did very much trace where they thought there should have been a stronger appropriation for these high-risk posts and they were very specifi
. >> on behalf of president obama -- i was able to say to the american troops assembled, ladies and gentlemen, you are dismissed, and like all americans are you going home with nothing but your pride and a knowledge of a job well done. got off the stage, a moving moment for me. went back, picked up the phone. i have been kidding whether this job is worth it. thank you. thank you for asking me to do this job. this made it all worth it. >> reporter: the job has had its ups and downs, biden's infamous candor made him a punchline, even for the president. >> i say settle donwn, joe. i am trying to run a cabinet here. >> reporter: as much as the president doesn't like the drama, joe biden thrives on it. 40 years in this town. one of the reasons he is taking on the nra. >> i passed the assault weapons ban. >> reporter: more than 20 years ago. >> and the biden crime bill had a life span of ten years and had to be renewed during the bush administration, there was no desire in 2004 to renew it. but that doesn't mean there is still not a consensus for the bulk of what we're proposing. >> can you guarant
more >> john: you know, one of the loudest critics of president obama over the past year or so has been america's sweetheart, newt gingrich. yet even newt had to admit yesterday that the president's inauguration speech was, for the most part, "classically american." a speech about giving everyone the opportunity to succeed and to enjoy the same equality under the law? how could anyone, anyone find a problem with an inspiring speech about things like fairness and equal rights? >> simply impossible to do what the president wants to do. ensure prosperity and fairness for every american. can't be done. no matter how much money you spend. >> john: god bless that man. okay. i'm happy to concede the point that prosperity for every american is not a task that can ever be achieved which is probably why the president never said or suggested it, bill. but fairness, we've given up on fairness? i guess fox news will have to change its slogan. fox news, we're balanced, right kucinich? joining me now my panel of nonexperts joe derosa, comedian and co-author of "cheat". contributor to,
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